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Sol Republic Reviews


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Shadow Wireless Earphones Reviews

“Why it's time to buy wireless headphones.” - Wired

“I've been using the Shadow for the past few days, and they are the most comfortable wireless in-ear headphones I've worn yet.” - The Verge

“The Shadow Wireless offered fuller, more detailed sound, with deeper, better defined bass. It clearly sounded better.” - CNET

“Sol Republic is tackling a problem no one else has gotten right yet: A compact, portable Bluetooth headphone that sounds good.” - Gizmodo

“Sol Republic's $99 Shadow puts all other wireless earphones to shame.” - Mashable

“These Are the $100 Bluetooth Headphones I'll Use Every Day. With the Sol Republic Shadow, it's finally time to cut the headphone cord.” - Popular Mechanics


Over-Ears Reviews 

Master Tracks XC - Studio Tuned By Calvin Harris

"The Master Tracks XC are truly excellent and I’d happily use them as my everyday, stay-at-home headphones." - TheNextWeb

"The very first time we put the XC on to listen we felt there was a lot going for them. As we carried on over the days and weeks our feelings further developed for the better. These things sound utterly brilliant." - Pocket-Lint

Master Tracks

"SOL REPUBLIC $199 Master Tracks Headphones Offer Big Sound, Small Price Tag." - LAPTOP

"Those in search of headphones as tough as a pair of overalls but as refined as a tuxedo need look no further than the SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks." - Digital Trends

"Despite weighing in at roughly half a pound and sporting surprisingly comfortable over-ear pieces for the size, these customizable headphones pack a bottomless bass with sound that rings just as crisp with the volume whispering as cranked up." - Mens Health 



On-Ears Reviews

"SOL REPUBLIC's on-ear Track headphones are light and durable yet still deliver top-notch sound." - Rolling Stone

"Tracks HD are by far my favorite headphones in their price range."

"These are some of the better sounding earphones we've heard... The bass is deep enough to do your rap collection justice, and the overall sound quality brings other genres to life."" - Tech bargains



In-Ears Reviews


"A wonderful upgrade to your music game! The high ends are crisp and the bass thumps warmly through you cochlea." - Electron Oasis

"Jax delivers booming low-end with little or no distortion." - PC Magazine